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About Tom Murray
Tom Murray

Tom Murray, LBIPP, is the holder of a variety of international awards for his
photography. These include newspaper and magazine assignments, theatre
and advertising, featured cover assignments and specialist portrait
commissions worldwide.

Working with some of the world's greatest photographers including
Eve Arnold, Helmut Newton, Lord Snowdon, Norman Parkinson,
Bill Connors, Bill King and Guy  Bourdin.

Tom started working as a newspaper photographer - for four years he
tackled every kind of photography from simple portraits and sport
pictures to national murder cases. He went to Africa to work for The
Zambia News and Times. Within a few months he was promoted to
chief photographer. After a while he was offered the top position on the
South African magazine Panorama. It was during this time that Tom was
asked to set up a studio for  PACT - the Performing Arts Council of
the Transvaal. During this four year period he won his first World
Press awards for work in music, drama and ballet photography.

On his return to the UK, he was interviewed by Lord Snowdon. Snowdon
recommended that he try for the post of magazine photographer for The
Sunday Times Colour Magazine. This was the top spot on the best and first
Sunday Magazine in London. The five year period at The Sunday Times was
a time of great strides in his photography, working with some of the world's
best photographers. He became the youngest photographer to be commissioned
by The Royal Family, he also took the now world famous Beatles photographs
which are now being shown worldwide thirty years later. That sitting is known
as the 'Summer of 68 - The Mad Day'. These images are considered to be the
best colour photographs of The Beatles in 1968.

Tom's work has appeared in: GQ, French Vogue, Women's Wear
Daily, Harper's & Queen, House & Gardens, Casa Vogue, L.A. Style,
L.A. Times, London Times, London Sunday Times, New York Times, English
and American Vogue, Architectural Digest, The Radio Times, The TV Times
as well as publicity and promotional items for major TV and film companies.

Tom has donated for auction some of his finest works in aid of the
following charities: The Richard Caron Foundation, Project Angel Food,
Save The Children, Friends In Deed and other good causes. Tom's
favourite charity, The Make A Wish Foundation, has received a donation
of a full set of 23 Beatles Mad Day limited editions, two at a time to be
auctioned over the coming years.  A book about Tom's famous Beatles
photographs will soon be published.

Tom Murray

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